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This post is for beginners who are looking to use the ggplot2 library in R for Data Visualization

For our example, we will get our HDB dataset from

We will save our dataset in our local as “HDB_DATASET.csv” in CSV format.

Pre-requisites: R -Studio and R should be installed on your PC.

Launch R Studio and load the hdb data set

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Example1: We have a data set from a hotel data with GDP of Singapore during the year 2014 to 2019. We will use regression analysis with seasonal fluctuation to predict the GDP for the year 2020.

Let us first take a look at the data

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Are you a newbie to Django like me. ?

if yes , you would have come across “Forbidden (403)” when you are using forms or when you have used ajax post method to your app view and have not used CSRF mechanism properly. Below are ways I have resolved the 403 issues. Even before we see how CSRF should be used, we will see what CSRF is actually for.

Cross Site Request Forgery protection

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Assuming you have multiple databases in your Django project for different apps. Now you realize that when you save or do other operations in the admin site for your app model, you realize that values are save to the default database from the project.

Below we will see simple steps to make admin site of Django to use your other database configured for the app instead of the default.

Now your multiple databases in may look something like this

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